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Is there research oversight for this project?

The project received exempt status from the Stanford Institutional Review Board.

Is this an international study?

Yes. We invite participation from patients and healthcare professionals in all countries.

Will surveys be translated into other languages?

We invite international collaboration with survey translation and distribution. Please email Beth Darnall, PhD at

What's the timeframe for this project?

We aim to have the first surveys collected and analyzed in summer 2020. Final surveys will be distributed in August 2020.

Who is involved in this project?

Collaborating International Organizations

  • Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA), a task force of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
  • World Patients Alliance

Collaborating National and Regional Organizations

  • PainAustralia (Australia)

  • Centre for Pediatric Pain Research (Canada)

  • Solutions for Kids in Pain Network (Canada)

  • American Chronic Pain Association (USA)

  • American Society of Anesthesiologists (USA)

  • Chronic Pain Research Alliance (USA)

  • PainUSA (USA)

Individual Scientific Collaborators

Name Country
Dr. Peter O'Sullivan Australia
Dr. Fiona Blyth Australia
Dr. Claire Ashton James Australia
Dr. Michael Nicholas Australia
Dr. Geert Crombez Belgium
Dr. Johan Vlaeyen Belgium
Dr. Christine Chambers Canada
Dr. Fiona Campbell Canada
Dr. Fiona Webster Canada
Dr. Mick Sullivan Canada
Dr. Devdeep Ahuja India
Dr. Zu Osman Malaysia
Dr. Hanne Wurtzen Sweden
Dr. Su-Yin Yang Singapore
Dr. Lance McCracken Sweden
Dr. Ming-Chang Kao Taiwan
Dr. Jonathan Hill UK
Dr. Emma Fisher UK
Dr. Sandy Hilton USA
Dr. Franke Keefe  USA
Dr. Terri Lewis USA
Dr. Amanda Feinstein USA
Dr. Judy Turner USA
Dr. Sean Mackey USA
Dr. Kathleen Sluka USA
Dr. Sophia You USA
Dr. Maisa Ziadni USA
Dr. Karon Cook USA
Dr. Lynn Martire USA
Dr. David Talavera USA
Dr. Dagmar Amtmann USA

Collaborating Patient Representatives:

Name Country
Carol Bennett Australia
Dawn Richards Canada
Isabel Jordan Canada
Pete Moore UK
Felicia Cox, FRCN, MSc, RN UK
Penney Cowan USA
Andrea Anderson USA
Amy Partridge USA
Rose Bigham USA
Lelena Peacock USA
Anne Fuqua, BSN USA
Christin Veasley USA